Hep B vaccine

One of the things as a student nurse that we need is hepatitis B immunity. This is normally achieved by having a course of three injections within a certain time frame. You have your first one and then a month later have the second and then four months later you have the third. Then you have a blood test about 4 months later again. I might have got the time spacing muddled but it is a long process!!!

I have my three jags and my bllod test to find out my immunity. Before I knew the result I got a letter in the post inviting me back to ahve my HepB1 again. I knew this could only mean I was not immune enough so needed more jags.

i went today to have my first jag of my second course. I also got a look at my blood results and asked the nurse what it meant. My blood result was 1.3. In the nurses words “this result is pitiful..have you had three jags”. i was like yes you gave me them all. I then found out that you are meant to have a blood level of over 100. I ahve a long way to get to there.

The reason for my result is because I am immuno-suppressed from the long term prednisilone I have been taking for my asthma. So once again Olivia -0 Prednisilone- 1!!!!!

I am off now to wallow in self pity at the thought of having more injections and complain about my achy arm which you get post jag!!!!

2 thoughts on “Hep B vaccine”

  1. Hi Olivia, I’m surprised that you’re allowed the Hep B injections as you’re on Pred. My 5 year Hep B booster has been delayed as my trust won’t give me the injection whilst I’m taking Pred! Have you just gone into your second year? How are you finding it so far?
    Dawn x

    1. Hey, There were never any questions about not having it while being on pred. i think possibly because we are not sure I will ever come off pred as have been on it such long term. In second year now. its great but hard work!!! Am loving it though!!! How are you? Hope all good. x

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