So I mentioned in my previous post that I spent ages doing sports science and should know what I am doing when it comes to training and stuff.  Well it has just hit me that I have been suffering with burnout in golf. I was looking over my performance for the last season just seem to have slowed down. My round average has stayed the same where is should be decreasing the amount I play. I have managed to play to handicap and that is it. I normally have a couple of sensational rounds but I really havent this year. My game has just been average. I was becoming a bit despondent with my game. It wasnt exciting anymore. But hopefully I will come out of it.

Well it has changed now. I am having a fresh start next season. I was approached by a different club to come and join them when I was playing a county league match. So I went back to play the course again in an invitation and came off the course feeling fired up and wanting to play more golf so much so that i got myself a lesson or in fact four!!!! I am really excited about joining a new club although slightly nervous about not knowing many people but I am sure I will get to know people sooner or later.

I had a lesson and it went well. I have managed to develop some bad habits and have flattened my swing and need to adjust my balance but after the lesson I have managed to sort my long game out and get further distance now. I have another three lessons in the pipeline. I have a great teacher. I used to go to him regularly but kinda stopped but it is important so I keep my swing in shape.

I have also treated myself to a fancy new golf back that weighs three pounds with no clubs in it and also a new wedge. I didnt have a gap wedge and my pitch which is 48 degrees and my lob wedge which is 60 degrees i decided i needed an approach or gap wedge to have a middle option as I dont carry a sand wedge. I bought a gap wedge at 54 degrees which i reckon will be a good club for approaches into the green.

I need to go and practice using it and also with my other irons as now my swing is more upright I am hoping I will have added about 20 yards to each shot. I am going to be very conscious to not burn myself out and just enjoy my golf and enjoy meeting new people.

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