Well I dont kow when I will be able to update my blog next. I am going home tomorrow morning. I ahve to leave at like 6am…not so cool!!! I will get home about lunhc time ish I think. Xmas will be a hetic time. The end of term ahs been hectic too.

I realised my blog title is wheezy footie chick and I ahve actually got no photos of me playing football. I played football the other day. Stupid yes but I enjoyed it. My knee held up so Im glad. Anyway here is me playing football. It was a five aside tournament whihc ended up just being two teams from our uni football side playing against each other.

The next photo is of me and my coach and my captain and one of my mates from the team. They are an awesome bunch. This is the uni team not Winchester City team. Winchester city play in red and black!!!
Over xmas and New Year I am going away skiing so I will hopfully be able to upload some more photos of the ski trip and things. I am really looking forward to going home. it has been a long term so to be able to rest and relax with the family will be awesome. Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you ahve a good new year. I guess until next time good bye….

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