TUX-meaning behind the name

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you will see my handle is @just_TUX.

Often I get asked why my handle is just_TUX. There is a story behind it!

During my time at Winchester University I was part of the women’s rugby team. A tradition in the team is that you are given a nickname and this is what you are known as. You are never called your given name. During freshers welcome drinks you are given your nickname and the reason behind it.

Mine was TUX!!

The story behind it is that my lungs are wheezy pretty much all the time and I also love penguins. The penguin in Toy Story is called Wheezy but they thought it was a bit harsh to call me wheezy and to say wheezy with mouthguard in does not just roll off the tongue. So it was decided TUX would be my name because penguins look like they are wearing a tuxedo. Combining my love of penguins and my slightly temperamental lungs I was to be known as TUX.

Photo below is my rugby family all in our “drinking” shirts which have our nickname on the front of them!!