To give people an idea of what sort of thing you can do when you get involved in Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research. Not only do you get involved in research but other opportunities arise from it too.


-PPI Lead (1 of 4) at the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research

-Co-facilitate SPEAK Asthma (the children and young persons group at AUKCAR)

As a PPI member you can expect to get emails with requests from the PPI co-ordinator and these requests can vary from lay summary reviews, questionnaire questions or structure, information sheets about studies, focus groups, telephone interviews about studies, advisory groups. The list is endless and you can do as much or as little as you really want which is why I love it.

I have been really fortunate and had a huge number of different opportunities have come about by word of mouth and attending events some of which I have listed below. There are others which I will add to the list as I remember and update this page.

If you do fancy doing things like this visit the AUKCAR website http://www.aukcar.ac.uk and get involved. You won’t regret it!!!

-Co-applicant on a variety of different Research studies with AUKCAR and ELF

– Published article in British Medical Journal titled ‘Relax, just concentrate on your breathing’ an educational tool for medics treating acute asthma

-Key note speaker at Asthma UK for Severe Asthma EME event.

-1 of 3 Speakers at Astra Zeneca annual meeting facilitated by Education for Health Monica

-Feature in Healthcare Heroes book and event along with Kate Granger, Mark Coska, Matt Eagles to name a few.

-Research and Policy Volunteer with Asthma UK

-Guest speaker for PPI Module part of the Clinical Trials Masters Program at Edinburgh University

-Part of Astra Zeneca Patient Centricity Program

-Speaking at PPI study days with the Clinical Research Facility in Edinburgh

-Co-presented at NHS Research Scotland Conference in Perth 2017. Patients at the heart of research.