My life with Asthma

It may sound strange but I am thankful that I have always had asthma. I have never really known what it is like not to take an inhaler first thing in the morning and last thing at night…it is as normal to me as brushing my teeth!!! I have also never known what it is like not to have asthma, or what it is like to not have a constant cough, or struggle to breathe after being exposed to strong smells, smoke or other triggers. It is all part of life for me and always has been.

Age 2  I was diagnosed with asthma. Not much of  a surprise to my family as there is a strong history or asthma, eczema and allergies.  We all have one or the other.

Throughout my childhood and schooling my asthma never bothered me much other than in art when dust from the rooms would bother me and then P.E would sometimes cause issues. And as with anyone who has asthma a common cold or cough, it goes straight to my chest making it a whole lot worse than it needed to be.

As I have got older, through secondary school, university and the first years of my career my asthma has had a huge impact on my life and now dictates everything I do.

The end of school I was very sporty and in most sports teams and constatntly pushing my body this combined with the stress of school exams and some family stress my asthma started to cause me to have more severe attacks which required hospital treatment. These were scary times. I was at boarding school so being taken to hospital by teachers and not having your parents there was really frightening. But I got through school and had plans to go to Canada to become a ski instructor.

Canada was a totally fated trip. It never really went well from the off. I got a stress fracture in my shin but after a few months I contracted pneumonia in both my lungs. I was in hospital in the town but had to get flown by helicopter to the nearest city for better treatment. I was soon allowed to travel back to Scotland but my asthma has never been the same since then. This was 2004.

It is now 2014. I am a nurse but this was not my passion and or career goal when I left school. I attended the University of Winchester to study Sports Science. My asthma got in the way big time. Within the first week of being there I was in intensive care and spent the next four years in and out of hospital but I was determined to try and complete my degree. I wonder if I had not done this would my health be in such a bad way now!!!

I saw a variety of consultants and specialists to try and get things under control. I was started on a terbutaline infusion and got things under control. I moved home much to my parents relief as they were constantly worried so it was the right thing to do.

Once back in Scotland I decided I needed a new career so I started my Nursing degree which I love. I would never change career now!! I love it. I just wish my chest did too. It causes me so many problems now. I feel I am slowly losing a grip on my asthma control!!!

I now strive to get my health better but everyday I turn it seems to just get bad. I can’t see it getting any better. But I will keep fighting!!

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