We go from 2008 to present day, much has changed and much has not. This blog charts the highs and lows of living with difficult to manage asthma which really there is no real name for. It does not fit into any of the catagories. I guess I just like to be that little bit different!!! From the start in 2009 and before I was studying Sports Science in Winchester planning a career and life dedicated to Sport, now however that is not the case. I have now done a Nursing degree and am a fully qualified Staff Nurse. I was working on a renal ward which I loved but because of the situation with my breathing and increasing hospital admissions and time off work I was moved to work in the Community Dialysis Unit which luckily I love!!

I no longer play much sport. This year I have had to give up the last of my aerobic activities and hung up my lacrosse stick. I am however determined to get back on the golf course and fulfill my potential in that!!

I use this blog for awareness of asthma but also to reflect on how I cope with my asthma and living a normal life and dealing with difficult situations.

Its almost the end of 2014. Not much has changed except that I am now involved in pubic and patient involvement through AUKCAR which I am really proud to be involved in for such a worthwhile cause.

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